Keep yourself accountable

Each week we send you a personalized email checking in on your progress as an entrepreneur

You reply with what work you've completed, what goals or milestones you've achieved and what you want to do in the week ahead. We'll keep track and help nudge you in the right direction

from: [email protected]

Hey James,

Did you launch the new sales page? How did you go with your new morning routine? Did you manage get out of bed by 7?

from: [email protected]

I did launch the new sales page and managed to get my first sale! The morning routine has been too hard and I only managed one day

from: [email protected]

Congrats!! I'll add the sale as a milestone. Instead of jumping head on into the new morning routine we could slowly adjust your wake up time until you reach your goal. How does this sound? What else do you want to get done this week?

Share Your Goals

Sharing your goals will help you stay accountable. We'll be in touch each week to see how your progressing towards your target

Get Motivated

We'll help you stay motivated and focused on the work you need to get done.

Monthly + Yearly Reports

We keep track of your goals for you. At the end of each month we create a report of all the tasks, goals and milestones you achieved

We Care About Privacy

You can share as little or as much as you want. You can even use codewords to describe your secret projects

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Frequently Asked Questions

How often will you email me?

We send an email once a week asking about your progress. Based on your reply we may send a quick follow up. We know you're busy so emails are kept brief and to the point

What do I share with you?

This is entirely up to you. Some people share general goals such as "I want to launch an app in 6 months" other people share more specific goals like "I would like to get 100k signups to my website in 3 months". You can reply to our emails with a quick sentence or lots of paragraphs detailing all your tasks - its up to you

Do you offer business advice?

No. We can't offer specific advice for your business. We will suggest productivity tips every now and then to help you be more efficent. And we will prompt you to try and and come up with the solution on your own. Being an entrepreneur is all about trying new things and seeing what works.

Can you help with non business related goals?

Absolutely. We can help with Fitness and Productivity goals such as increasing the number of steps you take each day or waking up earlier in the morning

Will you get mad at me if I fail to hit a goal?

No. But we will keep reminding you of the goals you have set. Generally we are super positive. Think Chris Traeger. But if you want us to be firm on you we can do that to. Whatever works best.

How do you personalize my emails?

We keep track of the emails you send to us and securely log the tasks, goals, failures and milestones you choose to share. We use this data as the basis of each future email we send to you.

Can I send Dr Mogul an email or do I just reply to the weekly prompts?

Finished a goal? Just want to vent? You can email anything to Dr Mogul. We may not respond until your weekly email but we do take note of every email you send us.

What day do I get me weekly email?

That's up to you. We'll send a welcome email asking you the best time.

Am I emailing a real person?

Yes. Dr Mogul is assisted by a backend which helps track your progress but all emails are written by a person.

Is Dr Mogul a Real Doctor?

Nope. We're startup folks. We live, breath and sleep startups. Our team members have pitched investors, raised money, built apps, failed many times, invested in other startups, demoed at conferences, been featured in the press etc etc. So we understand the challenges faced by other entrepreneurs.

Can you remind me of things?

Yes! But remember we'll only email you once a week. This weekly email can include things you want to be reminded of.

Can I share stats with you?

We love stats. Github commits, steps taken, rescuetime productive hours... we can keep track of any stat you send us and base our email prompts on these numbers.

Do I get any reports?

At the end of each month, we'll compile your monthly emails to give you an overview of how well you performed.

How will Dr Mogul make me a better entrerpreneur

As an entrepreneur or founder, you probably have a lot of freedom. This is amazing and one of the perks of the job, but it also sometimes makes it harder to stay accountable and focused

We can help you stay on track when tackling business or personal goals. With just a simple email each week, we'll check in to see how everything is going. Replying to this email is a great way to stay accountable and focused.

We want you to succeed. Whether that means making more money, building your first app or raising your first round. We're here to keep you motivated, get you out of bed in the morning and get it done.

This could be the best investment you make in yourself and your company. It's free to try so you have nothing to lose.


email: [email protected]

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